About the Download

We know this plugin very good because we were involved as TAL created this synth and we made a lot of the factory sounds.
With the release of “Xenox Basslines Vol.1″ for TAL’s Bassline 101 synthesizer, we continue our story we started with making sequences and / or arpeggios for today’s powerful synthesizer.

Togu Audio Line’s (TAL) monophonoc bass synthesizer “Bassline 101″ is one of these powerful synthesizer, we made new sequences and sounds using the onboard modulations and step sequencer to give you new, powerful sounds and sequences for your next track. If you’re making deep house, electro house, techno or just simply bass music, this set is made for YOU!

This package features:

– 50 new sounds (+ variations) – 50 new sequences (+ variations)


– TAL Bassline 101 Version 1.37