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‘Hydroponic Dubstep and Dnb’ contains 50 organically grown basses, wobbles, FX, leads and pads for Lennar Digital Sylenth1. Bred for the highest sonic THC content, these thick and resinous sounds are guaranteed to leave your listeners with a powerful, long lasting buzz. Better have plenty of chips and cookies ready for your fans before the munchies set in . Also included with the soundset are 4 water pipe samples in 24-bit WAV format.

Product Page:
Sylenth – Xenos Soundworks

Sylenth – Hydroponic Dubstep and DnB Patch List

BA Amber Trichomes
BA Bubble Staccato
BA Busy Sub
BA Chillstep Sub
BA Couchlock Sub
BA Downward Stab
BA Entropy
BA Kickin’ It Oldschool
BA Magenta Hue
BA Red Haze
BA Rick Simpson Oil
BA Snarling Beast
BA Talking Sub
BA UK Cheese
FX 8 Bit Laser
FX Flash Of Color
FX Hit the Breaks
FX Hype It Up
FX Phonix Rises
FX Smack The Springs
FX Spock’s Bong
LD Dank Plucks
LD Green Overtone
LD Hemp Pants
LD Lo Fi Dub Plucks
LD Phat Notch
LD SID Pulse
PD Northern Lights
PD Retrostars
PD Uneasy Truce
PD Zombie Apocalypse
WB Blazing Lasers
WB Blueberry Kush
WB Brainstorm Haze
WB Bubblegum
WB Chocolope
WB Delta 11
WB Double Wobble
WB Offbeat Wobble
WB Pseudosync
WB Psycho Tone
WB Purple Diesel
WB Schwag Dub
WB Skunky Odor
WB Split Roast
WB Splitting Image
WB Strawberry Diesel
WB Trainwreck
WB White Widow