About the Download

Genres: Hip Hop, Trap, R’n’B, Dubstep, Electro, Pop, Moombah

Looking for something different among the endless deluge of Trance banks? ‘Urban Flavors’ offers 70 presets with a strong downtempo vibe. From those quirky Trap style stabs and sizzling Hip Hop leads, your high end is covered, while the deep subs and aggressive dubstep basses punch their way through your mix. Rounding out the collection is an assortment of synths, pads and fx.
** If you purchased the old version of this set in the past, you are entitled to the update for free. We have completely reworked it, plus the sounds are more relevent to today’s needs.

Patch List

BA All Purpose Sub
BA Artificial Sub
BA Below the Belt
BA Big Splash
BA Deeeeep Sub
BA Dirty South Stabs
BA DnB Bass
BA Dubstep Wobble 1
BA Dubstep Wobble 2
BA Fat Annie
BA Grime Swell
BA Hard Swell
BA Laser Ninjas
BA Laserbeef
BA Loose Footing
BA Meaty Analog
BA Nu Jazz
BA Pointed
BA Pop Standard
BA Pulsing Sub
BA Reggaeton Bass
BA Talking Bass 1
BA Talking Bass 2
FX Dub FX 1
FX Dub FX 2
FX Rise Up
FX Use The Modwheel
GA Gate Template
GA Trap Gate
KB Dream Piano
KB HP SynOrgan
KB Reggae Organ
LD Cinnamon Candy
LD Classic Rap Whine
LD Downtempo Plucks
LD Fresh N Hip
LD Fried Saws
LD G Funk
LD Hood Ratz
LD Rubbery Lead
LD Sloppy Seconds
LD Soulful Square
LD Space Cadet
LD Spicy Analog
PD Peppermint
PD Tipsy
PD Tommy Dee
ST LoFi Staccato Strings
SY Asian Arp Food
SY Funky Bells
SY Krunk Kordz 1
SY Krunk Kordz 2
SY Plastic Polysaw
SY Rastacrunk
SY Stacked Keys
SY Sugar Bells
TRAP Bass Hits
TRAP Blasing Lasers
TRAP Blue Haired Raver
TRAP Noisey Bubbles
TRAP Play The Modwheel
TRAP Pulsewave
TRAP Purple Sticky
TRAP Quantum Trapstep
TRAP Rezzy Traps
TRAP Trap Lead
TRAP Trapstep 1
TRAP Trapstep 2
TRAP Videogame Mania
TRAP Wip! Wip!