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Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Breakbeat, Complextro Electro House

Hellraiser contains 50 aggressive and hardcore patches for your Dubstep and Drum ‘n’ Bass productions – blazing basses, searing leads, exotic effects and more. Each patch is velocity sensitive and has all 8 Macro Controls assigned. Please note that this soundset is in NMSV format only.

Massive – Hellraiser Dubstep and DnB Patch List

BA Acopulco Gold
BA Aiyai
BA Blue Cheese
BA Couch Locked
BA Faux Vowel
BA Greenout
BA Heavy Metal
BA Hellraiser
BA Mayhem
BA Midrange Reese
BA Migraine
BA Nagging Wife
BA Rezzo Sweeper
BA Rhotic
BA Ripped Lows
BA Sativa Head Blast
BA Silver Haze
BA Snarling Cougar
BA Stinging Thorns
BA Strawberry Cough
BA Surreal Echo Sub
BA Swell Bass
BA Transmute Sub
BA Tube Rip
BA White Widow
BA Wrecked Reese
CH Dub Chords
FX Bass Drops
FX Dub Jello
FX Kushberry
FX Space Bugs
FX Stoned Stupid
FX Transition
FX Twilight Kush
KB Synth Organ
LD Blue Note
LD Burnt Plastic
LD Chiptune
LD Cyborg
LD Dirty Vowels
LD Ghetto Tech
LD Nasty Hoover
LD Scorpion
LD Stinging Sync
LD Whimsical
PD Blue Haze
PD G13 Lullaby
SY Dreamy Mallets
SY Wavetable Bells